Issues one to four

This is the first Daunless issues combined

I think that it is very cool to see it has a whole story.




Issue 5

Nothing Changes

This issue follows on right from issue 4 as the crew now carry on to explore the other sector




Issue four

The Dauntless:  Enemy of my enemy

Hello, today I am very happy to finally post the last part of the four-part opener epic or the dauntless comic series.

Before you read make sure you have read issue one, issue two and issue three


Captain Blade, profile

Captain Blade


best friend: Adrian Hall

skills: captain ship, strategic skills and natural leadership

status: alive

Bio:Captain Blade, full name Samuel Julius Blade, is the Capatin of the dauntless, he fought in world war three where he lost all his crewmates, including his first Capitan.
He later became great friends with his first officer Adrian Hall.